This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

MetaApe vap

Start Your Own Brand
Private/White Label

All MetaApe series of disposable vapes are available for OEM(Private/White Label). If you have your own brand or want to create one, we can help and meet your requirement.
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Custom Logo

Put your brand name
on products

Custom pacakgings

Provide packaging templates
graphic design service

custom flavors

Blend Any flavor
you need Till you Satisfy

Having your own vape brand is not a dream

White/Private Label is what we're good at

White Label (OEM):
MetaApe has professional team working for clients who want to make their own branded disposable vape, we’d be happy to assist with your branding dream, putting your brand name on our products is not an issue at all! All MetaApe disposable vapes are available for white label.

Private Label (ODM):
You may have your own good ideas of a disposable vape product that you want to make it out, don’t hesitate to let us know, our strong engineers team will work out your dreamed product. From the style you can find in the market, or even a brand new idea that not exists yet, we can design, sample, and manufacture it for you. Every process will be smooth and professional.

we work till you satisfy

Service Included

-Logo on product

Screen printing, laser engraving, UV printing and more...

-Custom Color / Style

Rubber painting, electroplate, custom paper wrapper, sticker and more...

-Custom Packagings

Individual box, display box, paper sticker, plastic tube, candy bag, mylar bag, heat shrinkable film, anti-counterfeiting code and sticker and more...

-Custom Flavors

Blend taste and flavors with the top E-Juice supplier with professional experience, all flavors you want will be made out.

Full Ability to Achieve any E-cig project

MetaApe strong engineers and graphic designers team will keep working your branding project until you satisfy. What’s more, we protect your ideas and products.

Make perfection more perfect. This is our operation theory cooperating with all of our disposable vape white label partners.

Or not, it’s necessary to be done the best!

Industry-leading r&d technology

MetaApe has been committed to the research and development of the latest technology in the disposable vape industry and has made important achievements in new materials and technologies. After years of efforts, we have developed the industry's best cotton coil technology, oil-coil separation technology, and airflow regulation technology. Our leading R&D capability is sufficient to support any E-cigarette white/private label project. We never stopped offering vapers a great tasting, airflow smooth, easy-to-use, and healthy vape unrivaled across e-cigarette brands. MetaApe will continue investing in R&D of disposable vapes, the pursuit of genuine quality is critical to us because we care about how our products affect the user’s health, quality of life, and taste preferences.

Process of White/Private Label

You Deserve The Best White/Private Label Disposable Vape Partner

With over 10 years of E-cig
OEM/ODM experience

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